ACE: Advancing Cycling for Everyone

About ACE

ACE Position Statement

ACE: Advancing Cycling for Everyone (ACE) is a Burnaby-based registered society advocating for cycling infrastructure, policies, and programmes that make cycling accessible for people of all ages and abilities (AAA).

We believe that cycling should be a safe, comfortable, and convenient mode of travel regardless of one's gender, age, or physical ability. We advance Cycling for Everyone by advocating for the development of a cohesive network of direct, safe, and comfortable cycling routes across Burnaby.

Ensuring that everyone in Burnaby has easy access to a high-quality cycling network is critical to our work. Cycling facilities that support Cycling for Everyone include local street bikeways on traffic calmed neighbourhood streets, physically protected cycle tracks on major roads, and bike-only paths away from roads. Supportive end-of-trip infrastructure like secure cycle parking is also part of our scope to make cycling a practical mode of transportation for most people.

To complement infrastructure improvements, we advance cycle-friendly transportation policies that help reduce travel delays and ensure people cycling are treated as legitimate and respected road users.

Cycling-related programming that encourages underrepresented segments of our society to cycle, including women, children, and older adults, rounds out our approaches.

We want to help create a Burnaby that allows people young and old, of any gender, and of most physical abilities to cycle to work, home, and play in an efficient, safe, and comfortable manner.

This is what Cycling for Everyone means to us.